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About Us

Professional traders with experience of more than 11 years in the Stock market, Forex, Gold and Cryptocurrency that includes work with various exchanges and market makers that we have been able to develop our personal technical analysis methods.

We provide five types of services in this site which are :


1) Custom analysis of your requested portfolio.


Bullish Way team does your custom analysis.

Let’s say you have bought or intend to buy a crypto, stocks or a pair currency.

You ask us an on-demand analysis and our team will do it for you immediately.

The analysis that we deliver includes charts with accurate enter and exit points.

It is amazing !


2) Presenting powerful buy and sell signals.


We present you strong spot and future single daily signals.

All signals have entry point , take – profit and stop – loss that amateur and  professional traders can easily use it.
These signals are prepared by Bullish Way exclusive professional analysis methods and are for your personal use.


3) Presenting updated charts with our professional personal method.


Bullish Way team presents updated charts with premium analysis that amateur and professional traders can get a correct analysis of the market.

An expert’s chart gives you unique information about the market and the price movement.

Bullish Way charts are prepared by our special methods by price action and are attached with sufficient explanations.


4) Presenting of monthly subscription packages with premium support.


We have given you the opportunity to trade under the supervision of a professional team for one month.

By preparing a monthly package, we will inform you our signals every day and we will be constantly beside you with 24-hours premium support.


5) Presenting Bullish Way’s premium magic indicators.


Bullishway’s team with a lot of experience in the financial markets has succeeded to develop unique indicators that miraculously increase the success rate of traders.

After preparing the indicators, we will answer all your questions about how to use and set up and possible problems.