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Bullish Way Premium Indicator "ARMAGEDDON"


  •  Magic Trading Signals With Over 90% Accuracy 
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  •  100 % Non-repainting
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  •  Suitable for use in the crypto market, stock , and forex
armageddon indicator

Description – Armageddon v2.0 [by BullishWay]


Are you looking for more information about the “Armageddon” premium Tradingview indicator? Well, this innovative tool is known for being one of the most reliable and effective resources in the market for traders to analyze and predict the trajectory of crypto, stock market or forex. Its software system works by examining multiple data points such as trends, patterns and market fluctuations to deliver precise predictions on stock prices, enabling traders to make informed decisions, maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

Armageddon offers unparalleled accuracy in its analysis, making it a valuable asset for traders looking to gain an advantage over the competition. By assessing a broad range of information and organizing it into a user-friendly format, traders can quickly identify trends and analyze the market in real-time. In conclusion, the Armageddon indicator is a critical resource for today’s traders, and can greatly improve one’s investment strategy and overall earnings.

Armageddon generates signals to indicate when it is a good time to initiate new investment positions.

The indicator works for both Long and Short strategies. To buy, look for a green “LONG” label . To sell, look for a red “SHORT” label.

This Tradingview indicator is 100 % non-repainting indicator. It means doesn’t change its signal after the price bar is closed. It is reliable.


Key benefits

  • It’s simple to use. Just click to install the indicator. You can use it to help decide when to trade or as a full trading system. You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how it works before you can start making good trades.
  • Very accurate trading signals. We are pleased to introduce our exceptionally accurate trading signals which have been meticulously designed to provide traders with a reliable and consistent trading system. Our advanced indicator uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate high probability signals which will help you maximize your profits while minimizing your losses. With our system, you no longer have to waste your time and effort chasing after setups that only lead to losing trades. Our signals have been back-tested and proven to work in different market conditions, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just getting started, our trading signals are ideal for traders of all levels and will help you achieve your financial goals. Start taking advantage of our powerful trading signals today and experience the difference for yourself.
  • Take less time.Trading is faster with the indicator, which means you don’t have to spend as much time on your computer. This gives you more time to do the things you like. You can set alerts and receive notifications on your phone.
  • Over 90% of win-rate. Based on our rigorous analysis and tests conducted, we can confidently state that the Armageddon indicator has attained a remarkably high level of performance in terms of win-rates. Through careful and extensive back testing over a period of 36 months, we have observed consistently positive results that indicate the effectiveness and reliability of this impressive indicator. Specifically, we have been able to identify and quantify its ability to generate profitable trades with an exceptional rate of success. Our findings reflect the robustness and accuracy of the Armageddon indicator, making it a powerful tool for traders looking to achieve superior results in the financial markets. With this level of proven success, we believe that the Armageddon indicator can provide traders with an invaluable edge in navigating the complexities of today’s trading landscape


Demo Snapshot – Armageddon

Demo snapshot of the “Armageddon”  premium Tradingview indicator displayed within a 1 W time frame for the Bitcoin.

Armageddon indicator test


How to install

A link will be sent to you after purchase.
1- Enter the link and click on “Add to favorite indicators” like the image below.

click on add to my favorite indicators

2- Now open your TradingView account as the below, Armageddon indicator is in this path : Indicators –> Favorites

Click and enjoy the best signals with high profits in trading !

add to fave


How to use

Use on any instrument and time frame

1. When ‘LONG’ signal is confirmed (Green Label appeared on closed candle) –> enter Long position.
2. When“SHORT” signal is confirmed (Red Label appeared on closed candle) –> enter Short position.

IMPORTANT: Wait for closing of candlestick to ensure signal is a confirmed signal!

Different traders use the premium indicator in different ways. When used correctly, a trader can start buying or selling based on the new trend and exit before it changes. It can be used for scalp trades in shorter time frames or as a timing indicator for day trading or swing trading strategies.

Our recommended strategy for taking profits and exiting positions is as follows:

If the downtrend is touched after confirmation of the Long signal, exit the trade with profit.

If the uptrend is touched after confirmation of the Short signal, exit the trade with profit.


Backtesting of premium Tradingview indicator

Backtesting is when you try out a trading system with old information to see how it would work.
It’s important to test your system both ways (backward and forward) to make sure it works well.
We tested our system over two years using different instruments and timeframes and found that the Armageddon indicator had high success.
We even tested it in real time and had good results. The Armageddon indicator is a great tool for creating trading signals.


Premium support

Contact us for premium support by sending an email to info@bullishway.com